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BearFlix is a P2P application designed to let you download free video on your computer. View full description


  • Fast searching
  • Healthy range of matching results
  • Retains the simpicitysimplicity of the BearShare client


  • Built-in video player is a little uninspiring
  • Downloading is generally not as quick as using Bittorrent

Very good

BearFlix is a P2P application designed to let you download free video on your computer.

Putting these prejudices aside, if you're someone who is just looking to download movies, TV shows and clips then BearFlix could be seen as an ideal choice. The clear, tabbed interface incorporates many of the elements of its father application, which is one of the easiest P2P clients to navigate around, making this a great program for those who are new to the world of file sharing.

The BearFlix user interface is optimized for video downloading, including a nifty filtering function that allows you to hone your search to a specific movie file type. There's also a traffic progress monitor at the top of the main window indicating the amount of bandwidth currently being commandeered by the app.

BearFlix's built-in video player allows you to preview videos and play them once they've been downloaded. Given that this is such an integral part of what supposedly what makes BearFlix different stand out from other P2P apps, we were somewhat underwhelmed by this feature. Playback with BearFlix is often a little slow and juddery, and the range of player controls is very basic.

That said, there are still many positives to be taken from BearFlix. The advanced parental controls feature puts you in control of what content your kids can get hold of, searching is very quick, and best of all the network returns a substantial number of matching results when compared to other P2P software like Ares or Frostwire.

If you're looking for rare TV shows or older movies, BearFlix is a fast, simple and reliable solution. If it's newer releases you're after though, you're probably better off with a Bittorrent client. Remember though, stick to the copyright-free material if you want to stay on the right side of the law.


  • Bug fixes

Bearflix, operated by the same engine as Bearshare, is a fast video application giving you access to thousands of video files. It offers the following features:

  • BearFlix is optimized for the fast download of video files
  • Connect to more sources
  • Find more files with a 'deep search' mechanism
  • Most reliable downloads with automatic resume mechanism
  • Improved user interface, designed for Video files
  • Video specific media player
  • Automatic Virus protection
  • Configurable Parental controls
  • Easy to use, just install, and GO!

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BearFlix Basic

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